Ambitious goals for 2016

HR7 GmbH The Job Factory (formerly AUREA Nord GmbH) is pleased to report double-figure growth once again for 2015. The personnel service provider, which was only founded in 2011, thus continues its growth trajectory and now employs more than 350 personnel at 4 office branches. Having rebranded AUREA Nord as HR7 GmbH, the core business of the company is still personnel leasing, which accounts for more than 75% of our work. The “Job Factory” regards itself as a personnel services provider with a service portfolio comprising personnel leasing, personnel placement and consultation, on-site management, interim management and in-house outsourcing. “We have also set ourselves ambitious goals for 2016”, explains Managing Director Dr. Ralph Hartmann. “In the course of the meticulously planned rebrand, which was performed for strategic reasons, we made extensive internal reconfigurations and changes, thus laying the foundations for a stable growth trajectory”, explains Dr. Ralph Hartmann.

The personnel service provider seems to be very well positioned and HR7 notably endeavours to tackle rather unpopular human resources issues such as “Generation 50+” or the women’s quota. “We employ more than 80% female colleagues in our office, many of whom hold management roles”, says Dr. Ralph Hartmann. “Our older colleagues shine most through their commitment and reliability”, explains Dr. Michaela Hartmann, responsible for finances and human resources. “They act as role models for our younger staff and impart these positive qualities”, explains Dr. Ralph Hartmann. We look forward to discovering which topics the extremely dynamic HR7 GmbH will address in the future and will follow their development with great interest.