AUREA Nord GmbH announces name change

Like many famous brands before it:

“AUREA Nord GmbH” is changing its name to “HR7 GmbH   The Job Factory“

Almost 5 years after its founding, the company is changing its name but nothing else: AUREA Nord GmbH will change its name as of 1 January 2016. From 1 January 2016 the company will have a simpler brand name:

“This will help us achieve easier recognisability and increased acceptance on the heterogeneous job market”, says Managing Director Dr. Ralph Hartmann. “Everything we do should help make the working world for people and companies forward-looking – as planners and converters. 7 days a week, round the clock. We “produce“ work“, explains Ralph Hartmann. To enable quick and easy interpretation of this message, the tag-line “The Job Factory” was explicitly added to the logo.

In its almost five-year history, AUREA Nord established a strong market position and built-up an excellent reputation that is  no longer limited to the north of Germany.

Otherwise nothing is changing: the company continues to develop very positively and has laid the foundations for sustained growth once again in 2016. “We want to massively expand our market position, have brought new colleagues on board and are giving serious thought to new locations”, says Managing Director Dr. Ralph Hartmann.

We are excited and will continue to pursue the development.

HR7 GmbH The Job Factory