For applicants Philosophy

The HR7 spirit – our values

What do we stand for? What motivates us? We have a clear vision and clear targets that we aim to achieve mutually through a high degree of integrity, courtesy and professional conduct.

Goal We bring people and work together. We produce jobs. We reconcile economic interests and social responsibility. We place emphasis on people.

Responsibility We take responsibility for everything we do. We enter into contractual obligations only if we can fulfil them. We prioritise and demand commitment.

Respect Interactions are based on mutual respect and reciprocal trust. We value constructive, honest and open dialogue.

Fairness We promote and demand equal opportunities and a working environment where all employees enjoy a level playing field. To us, a career is not a question of age or experience, but performance and engagement.

Positioning We are obligated to uphold the highest service standards and we regard ourselves as a discerning, quality service provider that continuously strives to meet the demands of our clients.

Continuity We represent dynamic entrepreneurship. Looking ahead and venturing into new territories – that is our claim.