HR7 is clearly “on track” in 2017

The Hamburg recruitment agency HR7 GmbH The Job Factory has published a positive interim result for the end of Quarter 3: With an increase of over 15 % compared with the previous year, the company is operating according to plan and is growing in line with expectations in the financial year of 2017. This means that HR7 is also making significant progress in the 6th year on its growth trend.

“We are more than satisfied with our results this financial year and we have also been able to further build on our market position” said Dr. Ralph Hartmann, Managing Director, concerning the growth of the company. “The growth at our new office location of Lübeck is particularly pleasing. After a good start in June of this year, we have delivered a very satisfactory first quarter and clearly exceeded our goals and expectations”, said the Managing Director. “Our team does an outstanding job and is implementing our quality requirements in a very professional way” said Dr. Michaela Hartmann, responsible for the company’s finances and human resources. The company has been continuing to grow in the double-digit range since its founding, and in 2017 this trend has continued. The high quality of the work has already been recognised in 2016 with various awards: not only was HR7 selected as a top service provider in Hamburg, but following a Focus analysis it was able to secure this title throughout Germany. A compliment for strong performance! Insiders have it that HR7 has also been right at the top of the Focus ranking for 2017, too. The results of the analysis were published in November. Interested industry observers will be watching closely to see which position the company will occupy in 2017. We wish them much success in the future too and will continue to follow HR7’s development.