HR7 sets up a development programme for the next generation


Hamburg-based recruitment agency, HR7 GmbH The Job Factory, is once again setting the tone for the industry: a specially-designed development programme will provide talented young people with opportunities and support.

HR7 is therefore fulfilling its role as a family company with a responsibility to society. “We see the support we offer in promoting the potential of the younger generation and their special talents as well as transmitting the values of business ethics as an important contribution to society” says Dr. Michaela Hartmann, Human Resources & Finance. For HR7, the concepts of societal responsibility and commercial thinking are inextricably linked. As far as this is concerned, the HR7 Young Potential Program is also in line with the company’s corporate goals. “The corporate impact of HR7 as a family company is long-term and sustainable. Our operational objectives must therefore include the discovery and promotion of young people – for HR7 this represents an important investment into the future of the company” adds Managing Director Dr. Ralph Hartmann.

To complement the active cooperation that has been in place since 2011 with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce as well as in higher education teaching (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg Professional School), HR7 GmbH has therefore created another tool in order to counteract the perceptible changes in the labour market and to support young people with potential in their training and further education through mentoring and coaching, while also supporting them in a targeted financial way.HR7 is therefore once again setting the standards for the industry and picking up innovative ideas for the qualification of the younger generation. Respect!