Kununu and co. have increasing influence on applicant decisions

Employer evaluation portals are playing a more and more important role. More than one in every three Internet users has used them before. Even more crucially to companies: more than 80 % of the candidates who are willing to switch positions have been influenced by this in their decision for and against a potential employer. This was demonstrated in a representative Bitkom survey.

A total of 1009 people, including 829 Internet users, were asked. Of these, 36 % had already read online evaluations of employers. In 2015, this figure was only 29 %. Employed Internet users (45 %) and 14- to 29 year-olds (52 %) showed a particularly marked interest in others’ public opinions about a company.

Whether or not the applicant is using the evaluations as a rough point of orientation or for verification purposes after initial contact, employers should take online surveys seriously. “One in every three applicants confirm that they have applied to us as a result of our evaluation and the rankings,” reported Dr. Ralph Hartmann, Managing Director of HR7 GmbH. “The evaluation portals ensure a level of transparency which is very beneficial to the applicant market,” confirms Dr. Michaela Hartmann, who is responsible for finance and human resources at HR7.

Of prospects who were interested in changing jobs, 84 % also stated that the reports and ratings had influenced them in their decision-making once already. Of these, 46% were encouraged, while 54 % would prefer to select another employer. Applicants should, however, always take into account the fact that the evaluations are only subjective descriptions by third parties.

The numbers of those completing the survey is increasing: one in every four Internet users surveyed had already submitted an evaluation of their employer.In this category, 30-49 year olds, amongst whom the quota is 32 %, were particularly active.