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HR7-Young Potential Program

Discovering and supporting individuals with potential for the future is an important investment into our own future. The HR7 Young Potential Program encompasses both financial and consultancy-based measures and offers financial assistance for studies or a springboard into the first job. Through dialogue with students and graduates, new perspectives with a fresh mindset and intercultural approach are developing – a constant requirement for ability and willingness to change.

Social engagement

Voluntary work carried out by our staff is promoted and supported, within projects with cultural or societal relevance, or also as part of professional training through the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. For example, our employees forgo Christmas presents and other perks and instead choose to donate to a social institution every year. One such institution that we have actively supported for many years is the Kinderhospiz Sternenbrücke (children’s hospice).

Der Hamburger Weg (The Hamburg Way)

The next generation of Hamburg’s citizens is our business – according to this motto, we engage with our employees on the “Hamburg Way”. The HSV foundation “The Hamburg Way”, as part of HSV, represents how much sense it makes for the club to take on social responsibility in the city. It also puts children and young people at the heart of the action. Together we wish to inspire enthusiasm and design the future!

Dialog im Dunkeln (Dialogue in the Dark)

We support the Hamburg-based Dialogue in the Dark, a social enterprise which aims to transplant those who can see into the world of the blind. Dialogue in the Dark is a unique exhibition – where there’s nothing to see. The blind and those who can see switch roles for an hour. Through their involvement in the exhibitions, almost 6,000 blind people worldwide have found permanent employment; including 50 blind people in Hamburg who work as guides, trainers, or in other roles.